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Brittany Furlan Launches Funny New Podcast ‘Worst Firsts’ W/ Studio 71!

Influencer OG Brittany Furlan just launched a brand new podcast called ‘Worst Firsts!

If you’ve been a fan of Brittany’s for a while now you will remember that Worst Firsts was originally a Youtube series that she had up through 2017. In the first episode, Brittany brings on her husband Tommy Lee, whom she recently married on Valentine’s Day.

For those who don’t know, the show consists of Brittany bringing on guests and asking them about their worst first date. This first episode with her husband was packed with laughs and oh sh**t moments as Tommy and Brittany share a conversation about some of Tommy’s craziest encounters with fans.

The Worsts Firsts Podcast is being produced and distributed by multichannel network Studio 71. You can also watch the video versions of the podcast on Brittany’s Youtube channel.

Episodes will be dropped every Tuesday with the podcast’s conversations focused on dating and relationship mishaps.


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