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These Brothers Are The YouTube Chefs We Need In Our Lives

We’re pretty sure we just found our new favorite foodie YouTube channel, and it’s Brothers Green Eats.

We first spotted them being featured on a YouTube trending video where they talked about the best food to eat when you have the munchies, and really, the rest was history.

Josh and Mike Greenfield are everything that we have ever wanted in a cooking duo because they not only enable us to believe in our own cooking skills, but they inspire us to expand upon them.

The brothers make sure that their videos are relatable to everyone, and don’t just create for those with years of cooking experience. In fact, many videos involve food hacks, as well as minimal ingredient meals that are reachable for all levels of inspiring cooks.

Basically, this is the channel that we all wish we knew about back when we were still in college and trying to adult for the first time on our own. Remember those long hard nights when you struggled to create a meal for dinner to realize that you totally took for granted all the times you parents tried to teach you how to cook?

Just us? That’s okay too.

Check out Brothers Green Eats latest video down below and don’t forget to head to their website to learn more about how they got started doing what they do.