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Bryce Hall Accuses Manager Of Sexual Assault

What the actual hell is going on with Mikey Barone and Bryce Hall???

Alright, this story is a lot to unpack, so we’re gonna start at the beginning and hope for the best.

Recently, Bryce’s Twitter account was hacked and he was pretty quick to ‘vaguely‘ accuse his own manager and supposed friend, Michael Weist, of being the hacker.

As if that wasn’t enough shade, Mikey then decided to chime in on Bryce’s behalf with his own ‘vague‘ accusation against Michael.

This whole thing begins to take an even darker turn than just hacking though, because while Bryce’s main Twitter account was under someone else’s control, he took to his backup profile to start slinging some pretty serious allegations.

In a since deleted tweet, Bryce said, “managers who touch their clients in ways they don’t wanna be touched hide the truth by hacking their twitter accounts.”

Like we said, this particular tweet has already been deleted from Bryce’s account, but he left up the following tweets that were in reference to it.

In the midst of all of this, Michael finally decided to chime in by claiming the accusations were false and slanderous, and even went so far as to threaten legal action against Bryce, and presumably Mikey as well.

People seems fairly split in regards to who they believe right now. Some are upset with Bryce for potentially making light of sexual assault and the accusations associated with it, while others are coming to his defense.

Bryce, however, has already fired back by saying that he would never make something like this up.

Of course, we don’t know the details of what’s going on, but to throw a false sexual assault allegation around would be cruel and damaging to both the accused, as well as other sexual assault victims.

Unfortunately, this particular situation seems like a lose lose because if Bryce isn’t lying, then that means that Michael is a predator, which is horrendous.

But the drama with Bryce and Mikey via Twitter doesn’t just stop here- because now it seems like they’ve decided to start a feud with Elijah Daniel.

Honestly, we’re scratching our heads at this one, because despite Mikey claiming that Elijah started this fight by tweeting at him first, that’s not entirely how it went down.

Yes, technically Elijah was the first to make contact in the literal sense, but Mikey definitely provoked him by throwing shade at Chris Klemens in the above tweet that Elijah then retweeted and responded to. Of course The @ Pack members need to stick together, so it really comes as no surprise to us that Elijah would get involved.

Naturally, the exchange between the two escalated quickly with Bryce feeling the need to get involved as well.

Honestly guys, we could go on because the tweets don’t stop there, but it’s pretty much just more of the same thing.

Overall, we’d say this war with Elijah seems minuscule compared to the fact that there are rogue sexual assault allegations against Michael Weist just fluttering about now??

Finding out the truth behind that seems a bit more important, than subtweeting, doesn’t it?