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Bryce Hall Responds To Tana Mongeau Over Zach Clayton Assault

After Zach Clayton shared that he wouldn’t be revealing the name of the person who beat him up, Tana Mongeau stood up for her friend in a storytime vlog by calling out the alleged attacker, Bryce Hall.  Now he’s responding to both Tana and Zach.

Musical.ly star Bryce Hall is finally sharing his side of the story when it comes to the brawl between him and Zach Clayton.  It all started when Zach uploaded pictures of himself with bruises but refused to name the other person involved.

There’s only one reason why a person would protect the identity of someone who pushed them into a bathtub, punched them over thirty times, and put him in a headlock.  It was because the person who attacked him happened to be his friend Bryce Hall.

Tana Mongeau respected her friend’s decision to keep Bryce’s name out of the story but once she saw a gossip account tweet the information she spilled the rest of the beans.

Tana, Bryce, Zach and somehow Elijah Daniel even got caught up in a Twitter war after Tana started dragging Bryce.

That’s when Tana decided to upload a video with none other than Zach.  Once she announced the news, she claims Bryce threatened her.  Luckily for us, she wasn’t fazed one bit.

But now Bryce is back with his side of the story….

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