‘Business Doing Pleasure’ is Smutty, Fun, + Fast!

Fullscreen recently released “Business Doing Pleasure” starring Connor Paolo of Gossip Girl fame. Details on how this show came together are scant, and sorry, kids, this is genuinely a Fullscreen show only (not even a trailer was released on Youtube), but it’s truly worth the watch.


The premise is simple: Paolo plays an out of work filmmaker (relatable) who is forced to take a job working with his mother-in-law at her very successful sex toy factory. As one can imagine, this makes for some wonderful sight gags with rubber and latex (yes we’re talking pocket vaginas here, folks).

What’s super in impressive about the show is the pacing. It runs full steam ahead at a joke a minute speed. Appearances by the likes of the Sklar brothers help keep up with the joke, joke, joke beats.

With most episodes clocking in around 3 minutes, you will have watched the whole series before you can say, “spank it.” Episodes chronicle Jason aka Connor’s first full week on the job and are titled simply Day 1, Day 2, etc. The whole season is great, but seeing Connor in nipple clamps might be worth your Fullscreen subscription alone.

We give this season ten out of ten likes. It’s good old-fashioned, nasty fun.


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