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Buzzfeed Sells Trump Insult Merch!

After insulting Buzzfeed in his press conference this morning, the site is firing back at Donald Trump. See Trump’s insult here:



The press conference is long and bizarre, but the bottom line is, Trump called Buzzfeed a fake news outlet, and “a failing pile of garbage” for publishing a report suggesting he is being blackmailed by Russia.

The trendy news outlet did not respond to Trump’s comments directly but they are now cashing in on his unpresidential like statements by selling merch! Proceed from all sales will go to the Committee to Protect Journalists. We say Buzzfeed: 1, Trump: 0!

In addition to a t-shirt you can also buy: a “limited edition” trash can, and “Failing Pile of bumper stickers. One of the stickers says, “My bae works at a failing pile of garbage,” while another says, “My cat’s famous because of a failing pile of garbage.”

Hurry if you want to help Buzzfeed cash-in. Merch avail for a limited time only!


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