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Can You Guess Our Favorite Type Of AndreasChoice Videos?

Andrea Brooks just uploaded a clothing hacks video to her channel, and we are suddenly reminded why her hack videos are our favorite ones.

When you think of a hack, you think of something easy. We don’t necessarily want to call it an excuse to not do something, but we sure as hell want it to feel that way.

For instance, if you’re gonna give us hacks to working out, then it damn well better involve us not actually feeling like we’re working out. More or less, we want you to trick us into better and easier life choices.

Andrea delivers just that.

In celebration of this, we’re counting down our favorite AndreasChoice videos that given us a glimpse into the life we could have been living all along, if only we hadn’t been playing.

1. Lazy Weight Loss Hacks

2. Body Odor Hacks

3. Clothing Struggle Hacks

4. Beauty Hacks For Summer

5. Life Shower Hacks

6. Valentine’s Day Hacks