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Can You Guess The Top 20 Downloaded Apps Of 2017?

The numbers are in for the most downloaded apps this year, and it might surprise people to find that Snapchat is still one of the top contenders.

For anyone who expected Snapchat to be on its way out, you might wanna rethink that, because despite slipping from the number one spot it held last year, the app still came in as the second most downloaded this year.

Even crazier is that Bitmoji sits at the number one spot, which isn’t a major surprise due to its popularity, but is surprising once again because it’s a Snapchat owned company. In other words, we are once again wondering why people seem to think that they’re about to go under.

Unless they are? Cause that would be a gigantic plot twist after these stats.

All the typical apps appear on the list with no major surprise appearances or absences. The only interesting thing is where each app falls.

Actually, we lied, there is one surprising name on the list– Pandora.

No matter how incredible Spotify keeps building itself up to be, we guess Pandora continues to hold on tight to people’s hearts. Good for you Pandora, no one likes a quitter anyways.

Unsurprisingly, Ellen Degeneres’ Heads Up! app was once again the most downloaded game that you have to pay for. This makes it the third year in a row that it has been number one, which just goes to show the power of charades and aggressively yelling at your friends for not understanding your vague as fuck clues.


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