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We Can Taste The Spice From Here

YouTuber, Nicole Guerriero, is the latest to get in on the One Chip Challenge, and we’re cringing at the thought of trying it ourselves.

If you’re looking for something that will leave you feeling nauseous and unable to stop coughing, then maybe the One Chip Challenge that’s blowing up on social media is the one for you.

We’ve been seeing this trend roll out over the past few weeks, mostly with news reporters trying it on live television, but now it has hit the Influencer scene and we’re really hoping to see more people be bold enough to attempt it.

But what is the One Chip Challenge? We’re glad you asked.

Basically, people all over are deciding that it’d be a good idea to eat a chip that is made from the hottest pepper in the world. The point of it? Just to see if they can.

We honestly don’t know what it is about watching people realize that their spice tolerance is lower than they thought it was that is so satisfying, but it definitely is.

Check out Nicole Guerriero attempt the One Chip Challenge down below!


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