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Cardi B And Offset Go Head To Head In A (W)rap Battle On The TikTok App!

TikTok hosted the first ever Husband and Wife (w)rap battle after Offset accepted Cardi B’s challenge request on the platform.

Cardi B and Offset went head to head in a friendly (w)rap battle on TikTok which was live streamed on the platform today.  Cardi B initially called out her husband and fellow Migos member in a post on her own TikTok account and he bravely accepted the challenge.  The stakes were high because the loser is tasked with having to buy all the holiday decor.

“What’s poppin’ husband?  I challenge you to a rap battle on November 29th at 12 pm on the app TikTok.  Whoever loses gotta buy all the Christmas decorations.  All of them.  The one in New York.  The one in Atlanta, too.  What’s up, are you scared?” asked Cardi B.

Offset confidently responded with a video on his account and seem unfazed by his wife’s confidence while exclaiming “Let’s go. You’re on!”  When the big moment finally came, fans were shocked that the (w)rap battle had to do with packing gifts and absolutely nothing to do with lyrics!  Check out both rappers show off their skills below and let us know who you think won!



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