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Casey Neistat Headed To Houston For A Personal Reason

There has been a lot of devastation in Texas due to Hurricane Harvey, and many Influencers have gotten involved by either physically showing up to help, or by donations.

Casey Neistat is one who was actually in Houston, but for a more personal reason.

Unfortunately Casey’s wife, Candice Neistat, had her family home ruined due to flooding, and Casey vlogged about their efforts to go through the things that were left behind and still able to be salvaged.

While going through the home, Casey and Candice were making an effort to save family photos, and it really put into focus just how devastating the emotional value of having your home destroyed is. More than just the physical belongings, it’s the memories and irreplaceable things, such as photos, that at the end of the day seem to hold the most value.

During the video, Casey talked about how even though Candice’s family home was ruined, many people suffered far worse devastation and tragedy than they did, and that some of those people didn’t have insurance or savings, like Candice’s family.

Casey then went to meet up with Team Rubicon, which is a nonprofit organization that “recruits, trains and deploys” military veterans for disaster response.

You can learn more about Team Rubicon right here, and how they are currently working tirelessly to help those in Texas.

We hope that Candice’s family as well as all others whose homes were affected by Hurricane Harvey are able to recover as quickly and easily as possible.