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Casey Neistat Introduces His Newborn Daughter To The World On YouTube

The 37-year-old filmmaker, entrepreneur, and vlogger proudly showed us his newborn daughter in his latest vlog.

Casey Neistat just introduced the world to his newborn daughter Georgie Neistat.  Georgie is barely a weekly old but she’s already got almost as many fans as her father.  Her introductory video titled ‘we had a baby’ has over 1+ million views in under a day.

Casey goes on to say that she was born a ‘healthy and happy baby’ and he gave an update on the status of his wife’s health

“Everything’s perfect.   Candice is doing great.  She’s almost back to one-hundred percent.”

He shares that since the new parents got out of the hospital over a week ago they haven’t left their home.  Casey has taken some time off of social media but fans will be happy to know that he has a surprise for them.  Casey plans to make a film about his entire journey to fatherhood!

“I wanna make a whole movie about her and the whole thing.  Share that story but I’ve been taken a little bit of time off of YouTube and off of social media too.  Just to be present for my family and for little Georgie and Candice.  That’s where I’ve been.  I hope you understand.”



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