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Casey Neistat Is Looking For An Aspiring Creator To Design His 368 Company Logo

YouTuber Casey Neistat and Adobe are giving creators the chance to earn $5,000 and endless opportunities in exchange for a creative logo for his 368 company.

YouTuber-filmmaker Casey Neistat launched 368 to provide aspiring content creators with resources, workspaces, and opportunities and he’s making good on the companies mission statement.

“My company that I launched eights months ago with the ambition to create like a place where creators could create and find help and resources and stuff.  If you remember back the last time I talked about it, I said something along the lines of I no longer wanted to say we’re going to do this.  I wanted to be able to say we are doing this.”

He goes on to share that the official 368 mission statement is “helping creators climb the ladder to success escalator style before giving a grand tour of the space and how it’s built to be a content creator haven.

But even more exciting than the potential to call the 368 studio your home is the once in a lifetime opportunity Casey’s offering.  He’s currently on the hunt for some fresh talent to design the company’s logo.

“We don’t have any creative DNA at 368.  We don’t have a logo or a trailer that explains who we are and what we do.  We don’t have any imagery that you’d really associate with 368. […]  We [are reaching out] for designers, filmmakers, and video editors and 368 hires them to come work for us freelance.  We pay creators $5,000 to come to do a freelance week with us in New York.”

Press play to hear more details and if you think you’ve got what it takes then be sure to apply!


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