What Do Oprah And Casey Neistat Have In Common?

If Oprah has taught us anything, it’s that with a great book club comes great responsibility, and Casey Neistat is about to learn that lesson.


Always one to look for the next best thing he can do, Neistat just announced that he was starting a book club because he believed so passionately in reading, and was sad that not as many people seemed to be picking up books anymore.

“I don’t think people read enough anymore and I don’t think that’s a good thing.”

The first official book on Neistat’s list is American Kingpin by Nick Bilton. Within a day of uploading the video that first announced his book club launch, American Kingpin skyrocketed to the 25th spot on Amazon’s best seller list.

Like we said, great power, great responsibility.

This is honestly one of the better examples we’ve seen lately in proving influencer impact on sales. The word ‘influencer’ aside, people sometimes wonder how much weight the opinions of YouTube and Instagram stars really hold in the public eye, and as it turns out, they hold a lot.

Before Neistat placed the book on his list, Bilton’s novel was number 1,576 on Amazon. The sudden jump in ranking is being seen as a direct result of Neistat’s announcement and subsequent fan purchases.

It really does go to show the coveted nature a spot on a reading list such as this one can have.

Based off of his first recommendation, we can’t wait to see what other books Neistat has on his shelves. Whichever ones they are, we’re sure those authors will appreciate the sudden boost in sales.

Check out his first ever book club video below!