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Casey Neistat Launches His First Merch Line!

It seems crazy to us that Casey Neistat hadn’t already launched his own merch line years ago, but sometimes good things take time.

Having said that, Casey has officially jumped into the merchandise world with the launch of his new site, and we’re kinda digging his first few items.

Arguably one of the biggest and most influential YouTubers out there, it’s especially impressive to us that selling merch has taken him this long, because more often than not, we see that tactic utilized as one of the earlier business ventures for creators.

“I’ve always wanted to do merch but this is one of those situations where I let perfection get in the way of good enough.”

Casey, however, has managed to build the following he has simply due to the unique style of his content, that is so clearly showcased in each one of his videos.

As far as his step into the fashion world goes, it doesn’t surprise us that his first few items carry a classic, unisex look to them. His wife, Candice, has her own brand called Billy!, which also leans more towards a simple, unisex style, so maybe it just runs in the family?

Honestly, we have Roi Elfassy and David Dobrik to thank for this, because Casey explains in his video how both of them helped push him to actually launch his line by helping with the design as well as which manufacturer to use.

Currently, two sweatshirts and a t-shirt are available for purchase on his site right here, and nothing is above $50.

Check out Casey’s full video announcing his merch launch down below!


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