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Caspar Lee Gets Real With Nick Crompton And Jake Paul

We totally love Caspar Lee because, similar to Philip DeFranco, he is one of the most unbiased and intelligent people when it comes to dissecting YouTube drama.

In his most recent Honest Interview series, Caspar brought out none other that Nick Crompton to get real about everything from his sexuality, to who inspired him to come out and what really went down with the Martinez Twins.

Maybe it’s just Caspar’s own way of conducting the interview, but we swear that we will sit and hear almost any YouTuber out when they do these honest interviews, because it feels like one of the only times we don’t see them ‘put on’ or pretending to be someone else.

Which, honestly, is actually kinda interesting.

“Jake is the king. People really don’t know him at all and the stuff he does for the people around him and, like, people that he doesn’t even know. It’s unbelievable.”

This is a pretty wild statement, and it’s gonna take a little more action to prove to us that Jake is any sort of ‘king’, but listening to Caspar and Nick talk about him in such a casual friend manner almost makes us forget all the terrible things he’s done.

It’s SO easy to forget that YouTubers, despite ‘living their life’ for all their fans to see, are still in a way acting. It’s just not the same kind of roles and characters we’re used to seeing, because it’s a version of themselves.

Considering all of that, Caspar definitely allows both Nick and Jake to come across in a different light in this interview. There’s a lot of interesting information that we learned, like how Troye Sivan was actually the one who originally inspired Nick to come out to his family.

Yup, you read that right.

Check out the full interview down below for all the details!


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