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Chachi Gonzales and Josh Levya Are Doing A Rom-Com For YouTube Red!

Chachi Gonzales is bringing her talent credentials to YouTube Red and she’s bringing Josh with her! You may remember Chachi from MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew in 2011 (which she won btw!) but her successful transition on to YouTube is about to get even better!

Chachi and real-life boyfriend Josh Levya will star in the romantic comedy series called Long Distance. It will be produced by the Latino-leaning media company MITÚ. The show will follow the struggles of a long distance relationship. Before we get ahead of ourselves, Chachi won’t be acting alongside Josh, that is they won’t be playing a couple. Chachi’s on-screen boyfriend will be played by actor Cayden Boyd.

While Josh will play a different role on the show, we’re excited to see them vibe and show some hilarious comedy chops. We’re all familiar with how funny they can be on YouTube!

The two have very successful channels; Chachi has 1.2 million subscribers and Josh who goes by YoMuscleBoii has 2 million!

Check out the trailer below!

It’s great timing for the show, as it coincides with Hispanic Heritage Month, and we’re super stoked to watch all the hilarity ensue! Mitú currently reaches 100 million U.S. viewers each month, as well as 100 million monthly views all over the world.