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Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson Drooped $1500 Bucks On Twitter!

Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson drooped $1500 bucks on Twitter! (Good Samaritan Vibe)

What began as an innocent question from Chad Johnson to his Twitter followers seems to have turned into a truly altruistic act from the Cincinnati Bengals former wide receiver.

He tweeted this to his 3 million followers: 

A guy named Chris replied with “facing eviction but it’s Friday so. 🤷🏻‍♂️” and Ocho Cinco told Chris he’d look out for him and guess what… Ocho paid Chris’s rent!

Chris tweeted out a screenshot showing his PayPal balance had about $1,500 available and tweeted: “I owe this man my life.”

We hear this isn’t the first time Chad Johnson has been generous… and we hope it’s not the last. Very cool bro @ochocinco 


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