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Chance The Rapper Showed Up At City Hall To Oppose A $95 Mil Plan

Currently, a proposal to build a 95 million dollar police academy is underway in Chicago, and Chance The Rapper is doing his part to oppose the plan both in person, and via his social media.

The down and dirty quick recap of what’s going on with the proposal is that people think the academy will help better train officers in an attempt to reduce police violence.

While that all sounds great in theory, there are many other avenues the money could go to instead, specifically, schools.

One of the general arguments against the academy is that you cannot train your way out of violence in this manner, so why waste the money when other areas could benefit so greatly from it?

Chance is actively tweeting and retweeting his opposition against the academy, while also making sure to educate those that he can about why exactly he doesn’t agree with the plan.

For more on what Chance is doing, head to his twitter account right here.


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