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Charlie Rocket Jabaley Shares How He Went From Hip Hop Mogul To Nike Athlete On The Vibes!

Former CEO of multi-million dollar management company Street Execs shares how he lost over 120 pounds and became a Nike sponsored athlete.

We’re back with an all-new episode of The Vibes with ‘Charlie Rocket Jabaley’!  The former hip-hop impresario sat down with Hayley Delaine to go over his remarkable journey from the beginning.

“Before winning Grammys, managing 2Chainz and all the world tours I come from Atlanta, Georgia.  Just a kid who had a dream.  I wanted to be an athlete.  But since I couldn’t be an athlete because I was overweight my whole life I buried my dream and I wanted to get into the music business.”

That’s exactly what he did but when his childhood tumor returned he knew he needed to make a change.  Before he gets to how he became a vegan, lost a tremendous amount of weight, and became a respected athlete he shared how he started Street Execs and met his past clients like 2Chainz and Travis Porter.  Hear Charlie Rocket Jabaley’s amazing story from the genius himself by pressing play above!  Be prepared to be inspired.

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