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Did Cheating Play A Role In Daniella Perkins & Zach Clayton’s Breakup?

Another day, another teenage heartbreak displayed on social media.

What started out seeming like an amicable breakup between social media stars, Daniella Perkins and Zach Clayton, quickly devolved into subtweeting and then some pretty direct tweeting.

After both Daniella and Zach posted to their respective accounts that they had decided to just be friends, Zach then decided to go rogue and start tweeting at Daniella’s co-star, Jace Norman, which did a really great job at making the whole thing seem A LOT shadier.

Aww, how nice. But wait, there’s more.


After this (somewhat) fiery rant, Zach seemed to have regained his composure, but all it took was for Jace responding with three tiny letters to reignite Zach’s simmering rage.

Daniella took to her Instagram live feed to shoot down any and all rumors that her and Zach’s relationship ended because of her cheating.

We can imagine how that rumor started.