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Check Out Our Common Threads With Chantelle Paige!

In our newest episode of Common Threads, when it comes to fashion for Chantelle Paige, it’s personal.

The style Influencer, who got her start on Musical.ly, got real with us about more than just social media and her love for fashion, and went on to explain that she is who she is not only due to her values and morals, but due to her passions.

“There’s no right or wrong in fashion. It’s just your expression of who you are and what you like.”

We find that easy to believe.

Chantelle has been grinding along the creative path, jumping from medium to medium, all the while proving that she is anything but a one trick pony.

Whether it’s music, fashion or living her best life with her pet pig, we have no doubt that Chantelle Paige has great things still to come in her future.