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Check Our EXCLUSIVE Interview With YouTuber & Freakish Star Niki DeMartino

Niki DeMartino is making huge strides in her career and currently appears as Sadie in Hulu and AwesomenessTV’s hit show, Freakish, which is now available to watch on Hulu.

We were thrilled to have the chance to chat with the YouTuber not only about her experience filming her first ever series (outside of Spring Break that is), but also about what it’s really like to live your life online, and how that affects people’s perception of you.

Between how she manages to stay available for her fans and the difference between filming something by herself instead of with Gabi, Niki gave us some great insight in the pros and cons that come along with viral fame.

You’re definitely gonna wanna read what she has to say.

Check out our exclusive interview with Niki DeMartino down below, and watch out for her character, Sadie, in Freakish season 2!

1. What is the hardest part about living your life online for the world to see? What would you say is the greatest misconception about you?

The hardest part of living my life online would be that just because people watch your videos, they think they know who you completely are as a person. Yes they do know me in a sense, but there’s also so much I don’t show on camera which shows what kind of person I am, what values I have, and my intentions.

I tend to talk more than Gabi on camera and talk louder, because I think I naturally overcompensate for how quiet she becomes when the camera starts rolling, so in that case I’m misperceived a lot of the time as the twin who “talks over Gabi” and is “mean to Gabi” and “tries to steal the spotlight,” which is definitely not the relationship Gabi and I have. What I’ve come to realize is there’s no good way to handle hate, except to just ignore it and still do you, because everyone has an opinion and won’t always agree with you.

2. What was your favorite part about filming Freakish? What was the audition process like?

My favorite part of filming freakish was just being on set and experiencing something new. It was very liberating. It was cool to do a project on my own and build my confidence that way. I feel like being a twin, sometimes you think you always have to do everything together.

The audition process for Freakish was so intimidating. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t almost cry before my callback audition. I wanted it so bad, and knew that if I didn’t let the nerves get to me I could get the part. So I went in there and did my Sadie thing, and booked the role!

3. Do you find it more or less challenging filming for a show like Freakish instead of your own vlogs/content?

I found it more challenging to film for Freakish because filming for YouTube and vlogging is so second nature for me at this point. I’ve been doing it for years, so picking up a camera is natural to me. Acting was much more difficult because you have to get around the fact that what’s happening isn’t really happening, there’s 30 plus crew around you with equipment and cameras, yet you still have to act as if that situation is REALLY happening, and be present, and actually be in that moment portraying the characteristics of your character. It was more challenging, but I love a challenge and I definitely want to do more acting.

4. How has the transition into more personal vlogs been for you and Gabi? Which style do you prefer more, the scripted content or the more freestyle?

I feel like YouTube is constantly changing, and a few years ago I 100 percent picked scripted content over vlogging, but as of recently, I’ve really stared to love watching vlogs and making my own personal vlogs. I feel like with growing up, vlogging is where everything is leading towards because you can always vlog. I can always vlog with or without my sister, with or without being in PA or LA.

5. We absolutely loved Spring Break. What originally inspired you and Gabi to create this show?

What inspired us to create this show was our friends at home, and the dynamic we saw we all had. We all fight like crazy over petty high school things, but we have so much damn fun together and could never find other people to replace that.

6. You’re very interactive with your fans online, how do you remain so available and personable?

I’m a sensitive person who suffers from anxiety, gets homesick, and wants to love and be loved back. I second guess myself all the time, I fear the worst, and I love the comfort of where I came from. I think all of those things keep me personable because I go through things and feel the way so many other people my age do. I find it super comforting to tweet about how I’m feeling, and see tweets in return telling me they feel the same way. I also love to tweet upbeat advice, things I’d love to read on my twitter feed if I was going through something. Knowing I can give someone the smallest bit of comfort, and that we’re all going through things together, is such a good feeling.

7. What did you do to prepare for your role as Sadie?

To prepare for the role of Sadie I had to pull from the outgoing side of my personality that I bring out on YouTube, and channel my inner young Niki. When I was younger I grew up with two outspoken, cute, bubbly, fun sisters and I was the quiet one (believe it or not). I observed a lot of what was going on around me, made my own opinions, collected a lot of information, but never said much about it until it mattered. That’s kind of similar to how Sadie is on Freakish. She’s the quiet one of the group, observes everything going on, and handles the apocalypse differently than everyone else in the school. Similar to myself, Sadie escapes the nightmare around her by listening to her music, yet she’s constantly collecting information about the people around her to know who she really can trust so that she can survive.

8. What would be your dream show to land a role in?

My dream role would be to be on either Stranger Things or Riverdale!

9. What do you think is the best and worst thing about social media?

The best thing is the instant communication you have with people. In a matter of seconds I can reach a ton of people, spread a message or show them a video. The down side is the hate, and people judging who you are from the way you put out content.

10. Bucket list time- what is one thing you are still dying to do in your life?

I want to direct and star in a project!


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