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Check Our EXCLUSIVE Red Carpet Coverage Of Mr. Student Body President!

We hope that everyone is staying up to date on Mr. Student Body President, because we just sent our girl NattCity to their season 2 red carpet event and it’s looking like we’re in store for even more incredible stuff.

All the stars stepped out for the premiere including Jeremy Shada, Arden Rose, Adain Bradley, Jordan Doww and tons more.

The good news is that we got the low-down on what to expect this season, and according to Arden Rose, we’re about to get a lot more of everything that made season one the hit it was.

“We have a lot of really really funny moments just because we kinda just elevated everything this year. Everything’s bigger, the comedy is bigger, the jokes are funnier, everything’s just insane.”

But we didn’t just ask about what we can expect from the show, we also wanted to know just how similar Tyler Prendergast is to Jeremy himself.

“Tyler is just completely different from my normal self. I guess in real life, I’m a lot more relaxed and just really chill.”

We would love to say same to that, but honestly, we don’t know how chill and relaxed we are. It’s a daily toss up, you know?

Check out our full red carpet coverage for all the exclusives, and don’t forget to tune in to season 2 of Mr. Student Body President


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