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Check Out Our EXCLUSIVE Look At ‘Game Night’ Screening W/ Wuz Good!

We just got the exclusive look at a special screening of ‘Game Night’, hosted by none other than our boy, Wes ‘Wuz Good‘ Armstrong.

Brandi Marie King killed it as our incredible host and she got the inside scoop from all of Wes’ friends who came out to get a preview of the film, which truly looks laugh out loud hilarious.

Not only did every single person say that they fully enjoyed the movie, but when talking to them afterwards, we learned that DeStorm Power might just be the king of all game night games.

“I was good at backgammon, chess, checkers, the rubik’s cube.”

Damn alright, so we’re definitely gonna be hitting him up the next time we host our own game night, although we hope ours doesn’t get nearly as insane as the one in the movie does.

Make sure to check out our exclusive footage, and don’t miss Warner Brother’s new movie Game Night, which hits theaters February 23rd, starring Rachel McAdams, Jason Bateman and Lamorne Morris!


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