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Check Out Our Exclusive Interview With Musician Emily Warren!

Singer-songwriter Emily Warren chats with Trending All Day about the release of her debut album “Quiet Your Mind”!

Emily Warren is a name featured in the credits of many of today’s biggest pop hits.  The 26-year-old artist is a changemaker who inadvertently disrupted the status quo with her unique approach to songwriting.

“I think that sometimes songwriting, especially for pop, is viewed as a factory or an assembly line process, and I have to challenge that… I think that good songwriting has a real art to it, and I don’t just mean the profound or thought-provoking ones. Even most of the light-hearted, straight-up pop ones are masterfully written–sometimes even harder to write.”

She’s penned hits for The Chainsmokers, Dua Lipa, Frenship, Sean Paul, Melanie Martinez, and Shawn Mendes.  If you can’t get The Chainsmokers “Don’t Let Me Down” or Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” out of your head then you have Emily to thank for that.

She has a Grammy Award under her belt, countless multiplatinum and gold certifications, millions of digital sales worldwide, and 5.4 billion streams and counting.

But Emily isn’t just a credit on your favorite song.  She’s a powerhouse vocalist who The Chainsmokers referred to as “one of the best songwriters and vocalists that they had ever worked with.”  She’s teased us with her vocal ability while on tour with the group and on her hit singles “Hurt By You,” “Poking Holes,” and “Paranoid.”  After acquiring an impressive 13+ million streams for her solo singles she’s finally blessing fans with a full-length album titled “Quiet Your Mind”.

“The title Quiet Your Mind actually comes from the pre-chorus.  We spend so much time worrying about how things are going to turn out or be perceived. We think about what’s going to happen instead of actually enjoying life. The message is, ‘It’s not the destination; it’s the journey.  The less I worry about the outcome, the more possible it is to enjoy the present and what’s happening now. I’ve learned that.”

Today on October 5th, Emily Warren’s debut album “Quiet Your Mind” dropped and fans have already bombarded the singer’s social media with praise.  Trending All Day had the opportunity to speak with Emily a few days ahead of the release.

How did you get started in the music industry?

My dad encouraged me to record some songs I had written while I was still in middle school. One thing led to another and I started a band we played together all throughout high school. Out of that, I met an A&R, Rhea Pasricha, who found my band on myspace and had just started working at Prescription Songs. When my band split up and I started co-writing, and in my first ever session I was working with Scott Harris, who introduced me to his manager Zach Gurka who has been my manager ever since. I sent Rhea a few songs I had been writing and about a year later she signed me. It was all ridiculously serendipitous and being in the right place at the right time.

How would you describe your sound?

I think it’s definitely pop-driven but quite a bit more organic and stripped back than some of the other stuff I write or have had my voice on. I like to think it’s lyric/song driven.

What inspires you and your music?

Pretty much everything. Conversation, other people, friends, family, art, movies, walking down the street, other music. Inspiration is everywhere but it’s about taking the time to go outside and soaking it whenever you get stuck. 

What was it like going on tour with the Chainsmokers?

It was one of the highlights of my life so far, to be honest. They’re the best, and everyone on their team is so fun and welcoming. We had such a sick time. Plus, having the opportunity to get up and sing a few songs in front of such humongous crowds was not only insanely fun but also sort of threw me right in the ring and I really I learned a lot from it. 

You’ve achieved an incredible amount of success at such a young age.  How has life changed for you and what keeps you grounded?

Ah, thank you! It’s really been insane. But to be quite honest, I haven’t changed much and that’s what keeps me grounded. I think I’m probably a bit more confident and grown-up than when I started, but I still have the same friends, do a lot of the same things, and am in more ways than not, the same person. My parents definitely raised me to be grateful and appreciative of everything so I’m just constantly pinching myself. I can’t believe any of this is real. 

Which artist would you most love to collaborate with?


Did you ever wish that you kept some of the hits you’ve written for other people for your own albums?

Never. There are two songs that I wrote in the 3 years that I was just focusing on writing for other people that I was really resistant to giving up, even when artists were interested in them. They’re called “Just Click” and “Not Ready to Dance” and they’re both going on the album. I don’t often get personally possessive over songs when I’m writing with other people because it’s almost a separate part of the brain. When I’m writing for someone else, I’m asking a lot of questions and telling their story. I always want it to be personal to whoever is singing it. 

Are your lyrics based on situations that you’ve gone through?

Yes!! I can honestly say that every single lyric on my album is honest and based on real thoughts and situations. That’s why it’s pretty nerve-wracking putting this out. I’m handing off my diary. 

What message do you want people to have taken away from this album after hearing it?

I always say that what I love most about music is when I hear a song and it sounds like the artist is singing about my exact situation. That’s the power of song. Providing comfort, letting you know that you’re not alone. I tried to be really honest on this album, even when it was uncomfortable, in hopes of paying it forward and giving comfort to whoever needs it or connects with it. 

What’s your favorite song off of your debut album?

Oof tough question… I don’t know if I could choose it’s like picking a favorite child!

Will you be going on tour soon?

I have two dates as of now, LA at the Moroccan on 11/5 and NY at Rough Trade on 11/7.

+ 11/5 – Los Angeles – Moroccan Lounge –BUY TIX

+ 11/7 – NYC – Rough Trade – BUY TIX

What’s next for Emily Warren?

More music!! Writing for myself and others. And I’m looking to dip into some creative fields outside of music in the coming year as well. 

EMILY WARREN’s debut album “Quiet Your Mind” is available on Spotify and iTunes.  Check her out on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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