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490tx aka Moisés Arias Talks Art, MSFTS & More Ft. Jaden Smith & ¿Téo?

490tx aka Moisés Arias Talks Art, MSFTS & More Ft. Jaden Smith & ¿Téo?

Photographer 490tx and musician ¿Téo? sat down with Hayley Delaine during 490tx’s ‘TEEN art show at the Los Angeles MSFTSrep event to chat.  490tx, whose real name is Moises Arias, shared what the three triangle logo represents, the difference between black and white vs color film, why he named the photo series ‘TEENS, and the meaning behind his alias.

“I wanted something simple, something quick.  And I shoot on 400 Tri-X.  All this is shot on film.  49 is a lucky number brought down by generations before me to my brother and I.  And I shared it with Jaden and Willow because we’re really into numerology.”

He also spoke about how acting in the film “Kings of Summer” motivated him to pursue photography further.  He refers to that opportunity as a key moment in his career and cites the cinematographer as an inspiration.  During that time he was also studying the history of film and learning different techniques which helped mold him into the artist he is today.

“I want to tell stories in the future and it starts with knowing how to photograph every situation.  That’s why I carry that camera.”

¿Téo? shared how excited he was to be in attendance and perform at his brother’s show.  He revealed that the project on display had been many years in the making.

“He’s been documenting us for years now and for him to actually come together and curate a story the way he did is super inspiring.  To see him progress and move forward has been incredible.”

490tx had been working on the project from 2014 until now.  That time span played a significant role when it came to naming the series. He revealed that the dates the pictures were taken and the fact that most of his subjects were in their teens at the time of the photos is how he came up with the ‘TEENS title.

Even as teenagers they were disrupting the status quo which makes the MSFTS name even more fitting.  But 490tx believes that MSFTSrep encompasses more than just himself, ¿Téo?, and Jaden.

“I think we all are [MSFTS].  Everyone in this room.  Even you and me.  And I think this generation specifically.”

Press play to hear all this and more as well as an exclusive guided tour of the artwork from 490tx himself.



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