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Check Out Our Exclusive Look At AT&T Hello Lab’s Guilty Party Season 2!

Season 2 of AT&T Hello Lab’s hit show Guilty Party has dropped and things are heating up, check out our exclusive interview with the entire cast!

Season 2 of AT&T Hello Lab’s Guilty Party is taking viewers for a wild ride but thankfully we were able to get the scoop from the entire cast about what’s coming next.

Nick Fink, Andrea Russett, Gabriel Conte, Audrey Whitby, Alexis G. Zall, Teala Dunn, Tiffany Alvord, Jessie Paege, Vale Genta, Sebastian Genta, and Miles McKenna all play characters suspected of arson and have been conveniently chosen for Professor Moynihan, aka Connor Trinneer and his TA played by Manolo Vergara’s ‘History of Lying’ class.  They are all tasked with solving the crime but so far everyone’s claiming innocence.

They did drop a few clues in our exclusive interview where they gave us character breakdowns, revealed this season has some major drama, and what they want viewers to take away from this season.  They also noted there’s a lot of flirting and hookups on the show!

Press play on the footage above for all the juicy details!

Head to YouTube to catch up on the series and hit us up @Trend All Day to let us know who you think the Guilty Party is!


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