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Check Out Our Exclusive Look At The Ad Council’s Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Creators Summit

The Ad Council’s Creators For Good Presented Their ‘Using Your Voice For Social Change: Mental Health & Suicide Prevention’ Creators Summit and we have exclusive footage and interviews from the amazing event.

The Ad Council’s Creators For Good teamed up with Bustle, Next 10 Ventures, and Tubefilter to bring awareness to mental health with their creator’s summit that focused on suicide prevention.

“At a time when there are many eyeballs on this issue, our open session will help creators and entertainment executives learn how to build on this important conversation, while best servicing the mental health of the audiences and themselves.” 

Our girl Nicole Perri took the Trending All Day cameras inside of The Jefferson in Los Angeles where the event was held.  She sat down to chat with Lisa Schwartz, Danny Hoyt, Molly Burke, and Hannah Hart about how being an influencer affects their mental health, what the term self-care entails, how those suffering from mental health issues should navigate social media, and much more.  This mental health summit included speeches and Q&A’s from digital media experts who gave insightful answers on how to maintain your sanity in a challenging industry.  Seasoned professionals and aspiring influencers will benefit from pressing play on the video above!

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