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Check Out Our Exclusive Look Inside The Zeus Relaunch x Ciroc

Yanina Oyarzo took the Trending All Day cameras inside the ultra exclusive Zues Relaunch Party to get the inside scoop from your favorite influencers!

We’re giving you the inside look at the Zues Relaunch party where host Yanina Oyarzo chatted with the who’s who of social media.  Leli Hernandez dished on the show she stars in ‘Caught’ being nominated for a Streamy while the shows creator DeStorm dropped some details on what’s up next.

“Three new shows. So many new updates. The show is on chrome-cast now.   We have tons of new subscribers.  And we have other shows in the pipeline.”

He also shares how he comes up with the hilarious content for his other show ‘Bad Escorts’ which fellow actor Joshua Triplett stars in as well.  But Joshua shared that his favorite acting role was in ‘Scholarship’ where he shared the screen with his adorable daughter Jaidynn Triplett.

Yanina also got to speak with Nicole Olivera, Wes Armstrong, Brandi Marie, Melvin Gregg, Nina’s Makeup, Courtney Mitchell, and Taylor Stevens and you don’t want to miss what they had to say!


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