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Check Out Our Inside Look Of The Mobcam Creator Lounge @ Vidcon 2018!

Trending All Day had a very special place at VidCon 2018.

Our girl Hayley Delaine got to conduct most of her VidCon interviews at the awesome Mobcam lounge on their yellow couch.

So what is Mobcam? We will let the Head of Creators Phil Ranta blow your mind!

Technology and Entertainment mobile gaming company, Mobcrush launched Mobcam, an app that allows creators to simultaneously live stream to all social media platforms at once. That’s right, Ranta explains to Hayley that the app is available on iOS for now and that users can stream live on all platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, Twitter and Periscope!

“We created Mobcam to liberate creators in ways that have never before been possible, and the response from our large-scale, pre-launch Beta has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Mike Wann, CEO of Mobcrush. “It’s undeniable that Mobcam is a barrier-breaking innovation for creators in the live streaming ecosystem.”

Mobcam features include:

  • Multi-cast to multiple social platforms (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Periscope, and Mobcrush)
  • Unified chat (creator can view and respond to chats across Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, Periscope, and Mobcrush from a single dashboard)
  • Camera view settings (front/back camera; mute/unmute mic; display/hide unified chat, etc.)
  • Automated stream quality and reliability (bitrate adaptability, connectivity monitoring, multicast stream persistence, et al.)


Amber-Tiana, a music artist and avid live streamer who got to try out the app really liked it. “As someone who spends a lot of time creating live content, Mobcam is really exciting,” “There are so many ways I’ll be able to utilize this innovative tool, but the ability to broadcast simultaneously to an entire fanbase across multiple channels from a single device, is going to have a profound impact on the entire creator community. Mobcam is incredible!”

Even our own Hayley Delaine is excited to use the app as she is constantly hanging out on live. We thank Phil Ranta and team for the exclusive introduction to Mobcam and the awesome space during VidCon 2018. We have a feeling Hayley and Phil will be regularly live streaming very soon!


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