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The Cheese Pull Has Taken Over Instagram

We’re on a food porn kick this week, and as it is with all other made up national holidays, we officially have an excuse to talk about cheese, specifically mac and cheese.


That’s right, the internet has spoken and today is #NationalMacAndCheeseDay!

In honor of yet another glorious food holiday, we’ve decided to indulge in cheese as best as we possibly can, which is by paying homage to the glory of the cheese pull.

What is the cheese pull you ask? Oh nothing much, just the peak moment of satisfaction you get from being able to witness just how much cheese you managed to fit into something.

The art of the cheese pull is something that is often sought after, but not always accomplished. Still, we have been sorting through some particularly NSFW cheese pulls, and we’re here to bring you the most inspiring ones.

If you’re not hungry now, you’re gonna be.



Sweet dreams are made of cheese (pulls) #BrooklynDinerTimesSquare #regram @eatmenyc

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