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Chris Ingham Accused Of Sexual Misconduct!

Chris Ingham, from popular YouTube channel The Ingham Family, has denied allegations of sexual misconduct after a teenaged fan accused him of sending inappropriate DMs last October.

The former fan shared, through four ‘notes’ images on Twitter, allegations that Chris encouraged her to meet with him between midnight and 2am at a Disney World resort while she was on holiday with her family. She says that she asked to meet him and his family as she was a big fan, but his messages soon became too personal.

“He messaged me multiple times saying how I was so beautiful and pretty and asking me why I didn’t have loads of boyfriends at home… He said how we should sneak into the pool when its closed and how he was contemplating going skinny dipping.” Her account also details that he posted a photo on his Twitter and Instagram of her when they met, and that he wanted to come for a “party” when she was alone in her room.

Since her tweet there have been other former fans of The Ingham Family alleging similar experiences with Chris Ingham.

Chris has denied the accusations, and shared his “official statement” to Twitter.

The family were due to attend Summer in the City this August in London, but the event has since announced that the family will no longer be present. Chris has cited “stress” following “false reports” as the reason for the family not attending the convention.

  1. Alison mc says:

    Omg I can’t believe it , if it’s true omg 😮 people know where they live and the schools the kids go to , it’s very scary , I feel for the kids

  2. Dianne Townsend says:

    If this is true Sarah should be ashamed of herself for trying to carry on as normal and as for him there are no words to describe him those children will have to carry the backlash of what their father has done shame on him

  3. tracyfearn"hotmail.com says:

    He did this to my daughter after meeting her at Alton Towers where she works, and they were staying sending inappropriate messages including wanting to see her naked I saw the messages, she blocked him, he is grooming young girls, please pass to your legal team Chris the creep we have evidence which cannot be got rid of I would welcome your legal team.

  4. Nellie says:

    Tracy Fearn your daughter is 19/20 I thought, if she didn’t like why didn’t she block.
    Either way it’s not illegal just immoral.

  5. Nellie says:

    Block at first chance**

  6. PD says:

    Tracy Fearn,
    Any messages you have please send to @forU4J on twitter as they are gathering evidence against Chris Ingham. Could still be counted as grooming and more evidence they have strengthens the case

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