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Chris Klemens Continues To Be Our Favorite ‘Man On The Street’ YouTuber

We are huge fans of Chris Klemen’s videos because of how truly incredible his comedic timing is, and his newest one is no different.

In the third installment of his ‘I Got High And Interviewed Strangers’ series (which we think probably accidentally became a series in the first place), Chris took to the streets of Hollywood to do what we all fear most– interact with people.

Granted, he does this in every video, so maybe we’re just impressed with his general ability to be around strangers and seem relatively chill about it all, but then you throw being high into the mix and it just makes everything seem that much more wtf.

One of the greatest things about watching Chris’ on the street style is the fact that we constantly see him get turned down by people when he asks if they want to be a part of the video. It’s not that we enjoy seeing him ignore, more so it’s a nice little reminder that, even if you’re a hilarious YouTuber, people avoid anyone asking them questions on the street like the plague.

“Would you want to be in a quick video? No? Okay.”

We truly hope that Chris never stops creating videos in this style, because they have us laughing every time.

Check out Chris’ full video down below!


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