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Chris Sails Arrested For Allegedly Abusing Parker McKenna

Chris Sails has been arrested and charged with domestic abuse nearly a month after pictures surfaced of a battered Parker McKenna.

YouTuber Chris Sails is currently sitting in Harris County Jail in Houston, Texas after being arrested for allegedly abusing Parker McKenna.  About a month ago pictures of a bruised Parker McKenna were floating around the internet which sparked rumors that the digital media star was the culprit.  Both Chris and Parker were coy about the details surrounding the incident.  They both uploaded cryptic social media posts shortly after the news broke.

But about two weeks ago Chris finally broke his silence.  He denied any involvement and claimed the truth would be revealed soon.  He also announced that he would be giving up his digital career and leaving social media for good but that didn’t last long.  After wiping his social media clean he came back to the platform but wasn’t able to avoid drama.

Now, TMZ is reporting that the incident that left Parker with a black eye started because Chris saw a Direct Message on social media from another man on the actress’ phone.  He was so upset at the message that he started beating her so badly that she thought she was ‘going to die.’ 

According to the publication, Parker told authorities that Chris punched, slapped, and choked her while slamming her on the ground repeatedly.  She called the cops immediately after the incident but changed her mind when they arrived.  She told them that a woman who had been visiting attacked her.  Less than two weeks later she decided to tell the cops the truth that Chris Sails was the one who assaulted her.


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