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Chris Sails Releases Official Music Video For “Love Language”

Amidst all of his recent relationship drama, YouTuber Chris Sails releases visuals for his single “Love Language.”

Although he hasn’t had luck in the love department for quite some time, Chris Sails dropped a video for his new single “Love Language.”  The video features Chris and a love interest on a date that goes sour after another woman’s name pops up on his phone.  Her attempt to exit the restaurant results in knocked over drinks and Chris hastily running after her.  After arguing and getting physical, the couple finally goes their separate ways as Chris starts singing the lyrics.

“You wear your heart on your sleeve. You make it harder to leave. Can’t find nobody like me.  I said I never would cheat. I was wrong, I was wrong.  I know I was wrong.  I can’t believe that we done.  I know you missin’ my love.  How can I gain back your trust?”

Chris goes on to inquire about his on-screen girlfriends ‘love language’ in order to win her back.  The video and song seem eerily similar to the issues he’s dealt with in his past relationships with Queen Naija and most recently Parker McKenna.  Chris was arrested for an alleged domestic violence attack on Parker but was released.  The two and sources close to them have spoken out publicly blaming each other for the demise of the relationship, but no further information has been released on his arrest or trial information.  Much like the ending in “Love Languages”, these former lovebirds probably won’t be rekindling any time soon.

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  1. A´Ziah Brown says:

    its okay chris you gotta prove to queen that clarence is using her and you gatto watch they vids and tell queen that clarence is pushing her around tell her she might want your and you know you want her every one said yall chanel as to the s is bad and then yall back together wil make it better that´s the missing peace yall are perfect perfect together and yall are the mising peace yall are mlent to be together i think that baby yours and i think you should ask her and take resealts and at the same time how yall just breack up then queen just got pregenet

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