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Christina Grimmie’s Archived Videos Will Be Rereleased!

Despite the true tragedy that will forever surround the untimely death of singer, Christina Grimmie, her music lives on and continues to be adored by her many fans.

After her death, instead of deleting her social media accounts, Christina’s family decided to take over and continue posting for her fans who were left behind. By doing so, new music and old archived videos are still to this day being released, which despite the bittersweet aspect of it all, is cool that her fans still get to feel connected to her.

Most recently, the @TheRealGrimmie account announced that they planned on opening up their YouTube archive to rerelease some of her old videos and covers.

The #GrimmieThursday playlist on YouTube will now be updated every other Thursday to feature a new archived Christina video. Check out the first official ‘from the archives’ video that was released down below!