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Christine Sydelko Gets Brutally Honest About Hateful Comments

This past Saturday, Christine Sydelko took to Twitter to get real about hate comments, and let everyone know that she is over the fat jokes.

It’s hard enough for celebrities and musicians to deal with comments about themselves online, but it’s probably even harder for YouTubers and other Influencers, because being online is a necessity to their entire career.

In other words, it’s hard to just not read those type of comments.

We all know and love Christine for her sharp humor, and for the most part, it seems like she’s not phased by what people have to say about her online.

Except she is, because she’s human, and it’s important to remember that.

Christine went on to talk about the fact that ‘being fat’ shouldn’t have anything to do with your self worth, which we completely agree with. She even brought up that whole Katy Perry music video drama that had most of her fans up in arms a few months back.

Luckily, Christine’s fans were quick to provide her with an endless stream of support.

Sometimes all it takes is a vent session and a few kind words to make you feel better, but other times, that still doesn’t help, so remember to think before you type. We’re really happy that Christine is currently feeling better, but we still think it’s absolute bullshit to make people feel bad about themselves for their physical appearance.

So cut that shit out.


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