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Christine Sydelko, Grace Helbig & Mamrie Hart Come Together For Epic Collab

Everything about Christine Sydelko, Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart’s newest collaboration video is equal parts insane and wonderful.

The three funny ladies got together to do what all girls do when they hang out– decorate dildos.

Christine recently announced that she and Elijah planned on going their separate ways with their channels, and that she was looking to move away from vlogs to do more reaction videos. Already she’s uploaded a new video to her now individual channel where she teamed up with Colleen Ballinger, so we’re seeing a collaboration theme here that we’re loving. If this new dildo decorating party adventure is any indicator as to what else we can expect from her in 2018, consider us thoroughly entertained.

Bringing these three women together has elicited a more than enthusiastic response from fans who are dying to see more collaborations from them in the future.

We give a solid A+ to everyone involved in this video and we hope to see more wholesome, DIY sex toy art on YouTube from these ladies.

Check out the full video down below to see their final works of dildo art.


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