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Christmas Tree Eyebrow Trend Is Horrifyingly Festive

It’s not the holiday season without some insane makeup trend popping up that makes us question our entire lives, and this year, it’s Christmas tree eyebrows.

Just to preface this– it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Christmas Tree Eyebrows ๐ŸŽ„ Yes or No? ๐Ÿค” #christmastreeeyebrows

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It really raises the stakes of an ugly Christmas sweater party when you walk in with eyebrows like these, you know?

Unfortunately, the look isn’t just a singular lapse in judgement and has been replicated more than once.

Finally starting off my holiday themed makeup looks for this month! For this look I was inspired by @taytay_xx and her Christmas brow she created. I wanted to create a gold leaf/ tree like brow for this look. For my eyes I used redrum, rich blood, designer blood, Venus fly trap and mistletoe velour liquid lipsticks from @jeffreestarcosmetics as well as druglord on my lower lashes. I also used @jeffreestarcosmetics skin frost in Neffree on the centre of my lid. For the liner I used @nyxcosmetics_australia white liquid liner and on the inner corner of my eyes I used distortion heavy metal glitter from @urbandecaycosmetics #ChristmasTreeEyebrows #christmasmakeup #makeup #mua #christmasbrows #jeffreestarcosmetics #velourliquidlipstick #druglord #redrum #mistletoe #venusflytrap #designerblood #vegan #crueltyfree #vegansofig #vegans #veganmakeup #christmas #nyxprofessionalmakeup #nyx

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Objectively, we will say that this would be cool if we lived in the Capitol in the Hunger Games movies, and we do have to give each person credit in even being able to create the look themselves, cause we would surely fuck it up somehow.

We also love the creative freedom this girl took by going in the mistletoe direction and just saying ‘fuck it’ to Christmas trees altogether.

What do you guys think? Is this the worst holiday makeup trend you’ve ever seen, or the best? Let us know!


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