Click To See Banned #SundayMorningView Insta Photo!

If you don’t yet know about the hashtag and the movement #SundayMorningView check it on Instagram immediately. Their mission is simple:

SundayMorningView is a movement that strives to Change the way people perceive Beauty. By INSPIRING women to embrace their curves regardless of shape, size, race, religion or abilities, we become one step closer to appreciating the Beauty in Diversity. Because as a woman YOU deserve to feel Beautiful. We promote your Beauty in Diversity.

Recently Instagram flagged this photo from @mallorykingfitness because many got offended. No reason beyond that was given. 

While MalloryKingFitness can no longer have the photo up, women across Instagram have posted it for her across the platform for support.

What do you think of this photo? Do you find it offensive? Have you participated in the #SundayMorningView? Leave us a comment!