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Cloe Couture Opens Up About Her Mom’s Death In Touching New Video

Niki DeMartino’s latest YouTube series “The Truth About” has brought us honest, real and touching insights into the lives of YouTubers.

This week she sat down with Cloe Couture who is rocking nearly 5 million subscribers and makes videos twice a week doing crazy challenges, living in weird places and creating hilarious sketches. Two and a half years ago her mother passed away, and in this emotional video with Niki she reveals just how hard it was to continue thriving on YouTube while grieving.

In the beginning Cloe threw herself into her work, and started creating more content than ever before. She also made an effort to increase production quality because she wanted to make her mom proud. One year after the death it really hit her, and she suddenly felt worse than she did when her mom died. The grieving process was hard on her, so she made a video talking about her feelings and how she was coping. This opened Cloe up to a lot of hate, with commenters claiming she was faking being sad due to how the video was produced, and the cinematic shots of her crying outdoors.

Soon after the one year anniversary of her mom’s passing Cloe moved to LA to live with another YouTuber, but her friend shortly moved out and Cloe was left alone with her thoughts. Cloe did her best to surround herself with friends and work but at the end of the day had to finally face grief and the impact that losing her mom has had on her. Niki praised her at this point, saying “Viewers don’t realise how strong you are. To be alone in LA and go through losing your mom- you’re freaking strong!”

While all of this is absolutely heartbreaking, Cloe and Niki came out with a positive message. Cloe tells us that every morning she asks her co-workers to share something that they’re grateful for. The loss she experienced has made her focus on being grateful for all the little things such as warm weather, good friends and being healthy. We are so proud of Cloe for coming through such difficult times with a positive attitude, and can’t wait for the next episode of The Truth About!

You can watch the whole video here:


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