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'Coffee and Cream' is Stripped Down Look at Being Black in America

‘Coffee and Cream’ is a look at what it means to be young and black in America and it all takes place on a single sound stage. Creator Karin Kamryn says of the project, “I wanted to create an experience that showcased black women being ordinary a la Broad City, but soon after got inspired by Frida Kahlo, who reassured me that I could in fact shamelessly be the subject of my own art.”

Kamryn says of her choice to use the minimalist backdrop, “I stripped all of the distracting elements and leaving the atmosphere surrounding my subjects in your hands.”

The show is an engaging and short watch and is definitely a look inside Kamryn’s brain, but that look is a good time aside from sometimes serious subject matter. We give the show seven out of ten likes, and suddenly we really want coffee with cream.