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Cole LaBrant Low-Key Thinks The World Is Ending

It’s hard to look at the world right now and not genuinely worry if the apocalypse is underway.

No part of us is going to deny how straight up insane it seems that there are horrifying floods, hurricanes and fires all seeming to be simultaneously occurring at the same time in so many different places. When natural disasters start to strike, people, rightfully so, get nervous.

Of course the first and most obvious reason is because of health, safety and security. The second reason is because some people see natural disasters as acts of god, and when they begin to happen more frequently, that belief quickly turns into the world is ending.

We couldn’t help but notice that Cole LaBrant, who has always been very religious, has been going hard on Twitter about not only his love for Jesus, but how these world events are a part of something bigger.

We are truly saddened by all the trauma that is occurring due to the events currently taking place in the world, and we hope for nothing more than for those affected to be safe, happy and healthy.

While the verdict is still (likely forever) out on whether or not these natural disasters are linked to any sort of religious cause, we know one thing for sure– if the four horseman of the apocalypse come charging in, Cole will have the biggest I told you so of anyone ever.