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Colleen Ballinger And Joshua Evans Talk About Their Divorce

In September 2016, the internet was shocked to learn that YouTube “It” couple Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans, were getting a divorce. They each posted videos on their respective channels (Colleen’s has since been deleted) kind of explaining the issues.

Colleen continued to create content for her personal channel as well as her Miranda Sings channel while Joshua took a break. Colleen went on to create her hit Netflix show (now in post-production for season 2) and she seemed to be generally happy with her life. Joshua came back to YouTube creating music videos and doing collabs with his friends. He then announced that he would be going back to his vlogging style. He posted 3 videos with titles implying that he was going to be addressing something related to the breakup like “This is very hard for me to admit” with a thumbnail of him crying.

Yesterday Colleen finally posted a video addressing the situation. She goes on to explain that she will not be addressing the videos and that she deals with things differently than “other people” do. She never mentioned Joshua’s videos or her divorce but the implications were definitely there! Colleen seems to be handling it like a true professional. She is focused on her work and dealing with it by talking to her family and getting professional help as addressed in her video.

Although it seems kind of petty to be going back and forth, we’re expecting some sort of response from Joshua.

What is your take on the situation? Let us know in the comments below.

  1. Jana Vaughan says:

    You have more CLASS in your pinky toe NAIL~than so SO many other folks, as far as how you’ve handled this ‘valley’ in your life. I mean that in the kindest of ways, too. Without knocking anyone else, anywhere…you DO have so much class, Colleen. All that you’ve chosen to open your heart on & share with your fans~has been done so with the utmost kindness, love & respect. How many people do most of us know, going thru divorce~OR someone with an ex (everyone!) & when speaking about that person~says nothing negative whatsoever??!
    You’re one of the ‘good ones’! My 11 yr old Hayley Grace, btw LOVES YOU, Miranda❤️:). And boy oh boy, does she ever do a GREAT Miranda impression! It’s my favorite out of ALLL the silly things she does, that make the family laugh;).
    Oh! My 21 yr old was so excited when season 2 came out just yesterday, too! All 3 of us have watched all episodes already;)
    Hang in there, sweet girl. You still have SUCH an amazing future, chock FULL of so much love & happiness.
    Xoxo… Jana, Hayley, Hana & Katie

  2. finn wolfhards girlfriend says:

    you go girl

  3. Miranda sings fan says:

    I still don’t understand why this relationship broke up
    Girlfriend and boyfriend💔💔💔💔💔💔💔
    That is sad to see them break up
    They were dating or married?
    I just don’t agreeeeee with this breakup
    I think joshua is the problem in this relationship
    At the end i just want to say colleen you will have a good life without him
    Joshua shut the fuck up i wish you die

  4. ShabbaRanks says:

    So Miranda sings fan, what you’re saying is ‘I don’t know anything about this relationship but in my opinion it’s Josh’s fault and I wish he was dead”?
    You fucking moron.

  5. Alyssa says:

    Honestly I was watching One video about their marriage and their love for each other and then the next thing I know I see a video that says they’re divorcing and they are my favorite couple on the internet other than Dove Cameron and Thomas Doherty but anyway it really makes me sad to see them not together anymore but whatever is going on I hope it gets fixed and they both live a very happy life love you Colleen love you Josh

  6. Anonymous says:

    Love you Colleen you’ve inspired millions and millions of people just to be like you and I hate Joshua Evans because of what I did to you and you did not do anything for him to make you break up with him we all give your love to you love you Colleen no matter what and if there’s anything wrong we’re here for you and no matter how the consequences go will still be there for you no matter what all YouTubers will love you and I’m kind of confused why did you break up with you in the first place

  7. ______ says:

    I always Hated Josh

  8. Iamsmartanddon'tactuallysaymyname says:

    SLAYYY QUEEN! Love who you wanna love, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise:)))

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