Colleen Ballinger And Joshua Evans Talk About Their Divorce

In September 2016, the internet was shocked to learn that YouTube “It” couple Colleen Ballinger and Joshua Evans, were getting a divorce. They each posted videos on their respective channels (Colleen’s has since been deleted) kind of explaining the issues.

Colleen continued to create content for her personal channel as well as her Miranda Sings channel while Joshua took a break. Colleen went on to create her hit Netflix show (now in post-production for season 2) and she seemed to be generally happy with her life. Joshua came back to YouTube creating music videos and doing collabs with his friends. He then announced that he would be going back to his vlogging style. He posted 3 videos with titles implying that he was going to be addressing something related to the breakup like “This is very hard for me to admit” with a thumbnail of him crying.

Yesterday Colleen finally posted a video addressing the situation. She goes on to explain that she will not be addressing the videos and that she deals with things differently than “other people” do. She never mentioned Joshua’s videos or her divorce but the implications were definitely there! Colleen seems to be handling it like a true professional. She is focused on her work and dealing with it by talking to her family and getting professional help as addressed in her video.

Although it seems kind of petty to be going back and forth, we’re expecting some sort of response from Joshua.

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