Jash Shorts are Weird, Wonderful, and Wacky!

Jash has now been around since 2013. The digital studio was formed by Michael Cera, Tim and Eric, Sarah Silverman, and Reggie Watts.

Occasionally the studio will drop a political video by Sarah Silverman that will go majorly viral, but an average day at Jash seems to be primarily experimental, allowing its famous founders to experiment in the viral space with some super weird ideas.

Lately, Jash has been on a kick of releasing strange but excellent digital shorts starring huge comedic talent. The latest stars Michael Cera and Tim Heidecker of Tim and Eric fame. They both get in some trouble involving beautiful women and dogs.

Other recent outings include “My Daughter’s Boyfriend” involving a mom and doing some super shady dealings with her daughter’s boyfriend. It involves excellent turns by Esther Povitsky and Whitmer Thomas.

If there’s a unifying theme of these excellent digital shorts it’s that they are not afraid to embrace the weird, or mundane. It’s also that many star famous comedians who appear just really want a chance to act without having to also be funny.

We give this new Jash series of releases 9 likes out 10. Look for a new release every week.