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Common Threads With Denzel Dion!

We are happily skipping down memory lane to relive some 90s nostalgia for our newest episode of Common Threads with Denzel Dion.

With fashion, nothing ever really goes out of style. Look around you, leggings and flannels and crop tops are ruling the world, and even popular stores like Forever 21 are releasing products featuring classic Nickelodeon cartoon characters.

Dion understands the longing for the 90s, claiming he himself has an obsession for not just the clothing from that decade, but the music and culture as well. If you go to his Instagram, where he has an impressive 1.6 million followers, you feel like you’re tumbling down a time warp back to simpler times.

when times were simpler

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We can spot 90s inspired style a mile away and that’s exactly the glory that Dion’s entire Instagram feed will bring you.

“I just wish I lived in that time. That’s why I dress the way I dress.”


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Check out our latest episode of Common Threads with Denzel Dion to find out where he manages to find his clothes, and his philosophy behind why you should always wear what you like no matter the style.