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Common Threads With Hanna Beth!

We’ve got a killer episode of Common Threads for you guys this time around, and it features none other than Hanna Beth.

If you want inspiration to put together the perfect wardrobe that combines fashion and comfort, then you’re in the right place.

“I love the kinda, high-end, streetwear stuff. [I] love taking boy clothes and making it sexy.”

Girl, you’re speaking our language.

Hanna isn’t just a fan of fashion though, she also works with the company, Dolls Kill, which is based in San Fransisco and full of some pretty epic designs, especially when it comes to shoes.

“I work with this company called Dolls Kill…They’re just making a lot of rad [and] unique shoes.”

For the full fashion lowdown, and to find out which brand Hanna is currently obsessed with, you’ll just have to watch our full episode, so make sure to check out Common Threads with Hanna Beth!


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