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Common Threads With Karisma Collins!

Karisma Collins talks all about what makes Los Angeles the epicenter for unique fashion in our newest episode of Common Threads!

Karisma is already quite the fashion icon, with an endless stream of looks on her Instagram account that make us wish we owned everything in her closet.

It’s all GU€€I

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Originally from Canada, Karisma and her brothers, Christian and Crawford, have carved away a space for themselves in the Influencer scene. They’ve taken on almost every social media platform, most notably Instagram and YouTube, but Karisma in particular stands out when it comes to all things fashion and beauty.

“Where I’m from in Canada, everyone is kinda conservative and isn’t able to express themselves. They just wear like, jeans and a sweatshirt, and it doesn’t really go further than that.”

But even a fashionista like Karisma has other people she looks towards for inspiration, and hers is one we already know and love. We’ll give you a clue– her name rhymes with itself.

Check out our full episode of Common Threads to find out more about Karisma Collins and how she feels about the fashion scene!