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Common Threads With Karla!

Welcome back to another episode of Common Threads, this time around we found out all about what originally inspired Instagram star, Karla Jara, to have the fashion sense she has now.

Karla has a following of 736k and has already made it pretty clear that she has an impeccable taste in fashion, but we wanted to know, what started it all?

“I think it all started when I was really young. My mom worked at a salon and it kinda just went from there cause I would see everybody just like, so dressed up at work. So it kind gave me a sense of, like, I wanna be a girly girl.

It’s more than just being a girly girl though, because she goes on to talk about how fashion has helped her break out of her shell and become more confident.

“Fashion is a way of expressing myself and kinda showing people who I am.”

Karla is wearing our girl Erin Michelle’s clothing brand, @myemichi, which was originally created due to Erin’s desire to bring to life a collection that represented where she’s from, and where she’s going.

“I kept seeing the The Beverly Hills Hotel logo and it stuck with me. The energy that the city has is like no other it’s very inspiring, from Rodeo drive to the amazing houses in the hills. I knew it was something that I wanted to be apart of.”

It wasn’t that easy though because it turns out that the city of Beverly Hills actually owns the font used for the hotel, but that didn’t stop Erin from finding one that gave the same familiarity she was striving for.

“I also wanted to do a collection that was unisex so the fit was perfect for men & women. “The Beverly Hills” collection has been my most popular and profitable collection to date.”

Erin just released Volume II for fall with new colors and styles, which you can check out on her Instagram right here.]


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